November found us learning that Jesus is a teacher.  On November 5, we learned a little about his Sermon on the Mount. We learned he taught his disciples the Beatitudes (or Blessings from God).  We drew our blessings on paper and then when we painted over them; we saw other things show up like our names, Bees, and the word, “Blessings”.

On November 12, Jesus taught about being ready for God. With his parable of the 10 Bridesmaids, he wanted us to “Be Ready!”  We learned about John the Baptist because John the Baptist wanted all people to be ready for Jesus!  Riley, Andrew, Alexia, and Jodi colored different segments of John the Baptist’s life, and we made a poster.  It is hanging up in the narthex as you walk into the coat closet. Check it out!

On November 19, we celebrated Thanksgiving.  We made turkey treats for the Thanksgiving Day boxes and signed notes to welcome kids in our community to Sunday School.

You have a great opportunity to come to the December 17 JazMat Christmas Service.  Come hear our originally written play! Ella, Sam, Robert, Ben, and Andrew have worked hard on it, and we are looking forward to performing it for you! Plus, who doesn’t love Christmas Carols?

All of Sunday School wishes you and your family a blessed Christmas!

Ms. Bev (Grazioli)