Pastor’s Page – November 2023

Dear Siblings in Christ,

In the month of November, many Americans take time to give thanks. Here are a few things I’m thankful for this month (arranged alphabetically):

Church Council: The Council has been working especially hard these last few months after the resignation of our music directors. Additionally, this month, Don Potts resigned as president and stepped down from the Council for personal reasons. I am thankful for Bev Grazioli, our Vice President, who has stepped up to lead the Council and who has helped to create a smooth transition.

Legal Counsel: Our legal counsel has been hard at work for many years, but especially now as trials may be approaching. I am thankful for their expertise, their guidance, and their generosity. Rich Moyer has been acting as our liaison to the legal counsel for several years as well. I am thankful for the countless hours he’s put in speaking with the attorneys, updating the Executive Committee, Church Council, and congregation. His knowledge is invaluable to this congregation.

Music Director Search Committee: This committee has worked hard to discern the future needs of the music ministries at St. Paul’s. Their work began by creating a job description and listing, and has continued in the form of considering candidates, interviewing, and communicating with Council. The committee includes: Andy Opperman (chair), Louise Hikade, Jackie Smith, and Krissy Soltesz. I am thankful for their knowledge, commitment, and leadership.

Mutual Ministry Committee: Their work is often behind the scenes and can easily go unnoticed. The members of the committee include: Andy Opperman (chair), Carl Brink, Donna DeCillis, Claudia O’Malley, and Al Sloan. Most recently, they’ve conducted staff reviews and assisted our current staff members in updating their job descriptions. They regularly provide support to me and other members of the staff and congregation. I am thankful for their loyalty to St. Paul’s and their compassionate guidance.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee has begun their work, and they are faithfully seeking the future leaders of St. Paul’s. I am hopeful that with their leadership and discernment, they will raise up individuals from this congregation that are willing to help lead on Church Council and guide our vision into the future. This committee includes: Louise Hikade (chair), Marisa Bozarth, Sara Bozarth, Betty Brink, Andy Opperman, and Al Sloan. I am thankful for their diligent work.

Same Spirit Band: The band at the 9am service is managing well during this interim period without a music director. Krissy Soltesz has taken the primary lead for the band, helping lead songs, handling communication, and ensuring everyone has the music. Additional band members include Bobbie Breder, Casey Colbridge, Pat Jambor, Andy Opperman, Ella Soles, and our drummer, Alex Borrello. I am so thankful for the work that they’re putting in week after week and for their willingness to continue leading our church in song.

Supply Musicians: Three supply organists provided music for our traditional services in October: Myra Sparks, Thomas Borkowski, and Gail Gassaway. I am thankful for their musical ability and their willingness to share their gifts with us. Additional organists are being lined up for November. I am thankful for Natalie Houwen, who is contacting and scheduling our supply organists. Her organizational skills and persistence have been a gift, as I can trust that the church’s music is in good hands. I am additionally thankful for Rosanne Scassero, who has met with the organists and provided music when needed. Additionally, our supply drummer, Alex Borrello, has transitioned seamlessly into the Same Spirit Band, providing a steady beat and friendly attitude.

I am thankful for many other things, too. Even if I didn’t include you or something dear to your heart on this list, please know that I am thankful for you, and that I give thanks to God for all the people of St. Paul’s every day. Above all, I give thanks to God, that God’s Spirit continues to move in this place and inspires us to share our gifts with one another and with the community.

God’s love and hope be with you all.


Rev. Jessica Hahn